Residential Estate Security Conference

14 August 2018

Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Securely Integrated Estates of the Future

Starting with the right decisions
Rob Anderson, Adamastor Consulting
Estates are always evaluating new technologies and solutions in the continual drive to improve the security of residents. Rob Anderson will use his years of experience in estate security projects to highlight how to select the right solutions, ensure they work seamlessly with existing installations, and make sure you have the right service provider on site. He will also touch on the impact new technology can have on the estate's employees in terms of training requirements, to empower them to make optimal use of the systems.

The optimal handling of crime scenes
Warrant Officer, Bongiwe Gqotso
Estates hope to avoid crime altogether, but that is unfortunately not a reality. WO Bongiwe Gqotso will provide estate security operations with insights into how they should deal with crimes and crime scenes in order to assist the investigating officers in their task. She will cover issues such as installing your CCTV systems correctly in order to be able to use the footage in court instead of having video evidence dismissed, as well as what to do at a crime scene to preserve evidence in a manner that will assist the investigator as well as the prosecutor.

Ensuring optimal service from quote to decommissioning
John Cowley, C3 Shared Services
It's easy enough to retain the services of an installer or integrator to advise on and then implement your security solution, but estates also need to think about what happens afterwards. Who handles maintenance and repairs, what are the costs involved, and how soon will technicians be on site when there is a problem? This all needs to be determined ahead of time and included in a maintenance contract or SLA (service-level agreement). Then there is the question of what can we do with available services such as advanced data analytics, pattern recognition and deep learning systems - to enable the prevention of crime before it happens? How can your systems be pro-active, and how does all of this tie into your SLA? John Cowley will present the optimal security strategy and approach to get the ultimate solution and best service offering from your security investment and service providers.

Integrating the security of two luxury estates
Danie Bosman, Val de Vie
Val de Vie and Pearl Valley are two luxury residential estates in the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley in the Western Cape, each offering a fantastic lifestyle and personal security to all residents. When the two estates merged, the security team had the enormous task of combining the security operations and technology for both estates into an integrated security function. Danie Bosman is the security technical manager at Val de Vie and he will discuss the challenges the team faced in integrating the two security systems, as well as the solutions they came up with. Danie will also talk about the current security systems in place and how they are benefiting the estate.

Serengeti Estate case study
Hannes Hendriks, Serengeti Estates
Hannes will deliver a real-world case study providing insights into the management of the security operations of a large lifestyle estate. There are many risks to consider and mitigate, some require technology, others manpower, most require a combination of both. All require constant hands-on attention. Hannes will discuss how he set up the security operation at Serengeti and continually keeps ahead of the risks

Is Radar or Lidar the holy grail of perimeter security?
Kelly McLintock, Blacklight Integrated
There are a host of solutions available for residential estate security today, especially when looking at perimeter security. While current solutions have proven their worth, there are still problems that have not been overcome, such as power issues, network efficiency and reliability, false alarms and the weather. Radar solutions have emerged that offer to resolve many of the problems faced in perimeter security and Kelly McLintock will provide a short explanation on why and how Radar and Lidar resolve these issues, along with providing a cost/benefit analysis of the latest solutions.

Unlock hidden potential through integration
Quintin van den Berg, Bosch Building Technologies
Security technology has advanced dramatically over the past few years with the result that the various products available can do amazing things. The problem in estates arises when we realise that one product can't do everything and we need to integrate the best of different security products to obtain a holistic security solution for our environments. Quintin van den Berg will discuss the benefits estates experience through fully integrated solutions and the resulting harmonised security environment that delivers the safety and security residents expect.

Take security to a new level with Deep Learning
Shaun Savage, Hikvision SA
Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning is a popular subject in every industry, but how can it impact and improve the security function in estates? Shaun Savage will examine what Deep Learning is and demonstrate how it can take estate security into a new dimension where technology is able to proactively alert security teams of problems faster than ever before, allowing them to act decisively and pre-empt serious issues before they escalate into a crisis.

Surge and lightning protection
Don Drennan, Drensky Technologies
As we look forward to spring weather, estates will also be faced with another season of lightning risks to electronic security systems. We have seen an unprecedented increase in lightning and surge damage to security systems in the last two years, and this is set to escalate. Don is a surge and lightning protection specialist and this will be a chance to hear more on the subject from Don to get a better understanding of the problem and the solutions.

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